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The Best Snacks for Bone Health

    The Best Snacks for Bone Health

    One-third of women and one-fifth of men over the age of 50 will break a bone owing to osteoporosis, a disease that weakens and makes bones more brittle. And it goes without saying that having a shattered bone is the pit. Given the discomfort and inconvenient nature of dealing with a fracture, it is natural why people would wish to lessen their likelihood of encountering this extremely common occurrence.

    Although there is no foolproof technique to prevent osteoporosis, your food and lifestyle choices may influence your risk level. Engaging in weight-bearing exercises, avoiding cigarettes, and limiting or avoiding alcohol use are all methods supported by scientific data for maintaining healthy bones. And when it comes to your diet, there are numerous foods rich in nutrients that promote bone health that can help you achieve your daily requirement.

    Which nutrients do we need for our bone health?
    When we consider eating for our bones, calcium tends to take center stage. And while it is true that calcium plays a crucial part in bone health, this mineral would be lost without proper amounts of other essential elements that are also essential for bone health.

    In addition to calcium, our systems require numerous additional nutrients to maintain bone health, including:

    • Protein
    • Magnesium
    • Boron
    • Vitamin C
    • Phosphorus
    • Zinc
    • Omega-3 fatty acids
    • Vitamin D
    • Potassium
    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin K

    In general, following a diet rich in nutrient-dense vegetables, seafood, fruit, whole grains, poultry, nuts and legumes, and low-fat dairy will provide these essential elements.

    In addition, to maintain our bones, we should minimize our consumption of added sweets, sodas, and fried foods. Caffeine restriction or avoidance may also have a good effect on bone health.

    Eating well-balanced and nutritious meals is a step on the right way for bone health. When hunger strikes at snack time, though, it can be a bit more challenging to select bone-healthy snacks.

    If you are searching for the ideal bone-supporting snacks, allow us to assist you. Here are five snacks you should go for when you’re hungry and want to nourish your body with nutrients that promote bone health.


    Prunes are a delicious and easy-to-enjoy gut health-supporting meal that is adored by anyone who has ever required a little assistance in the digestive arena. Yet, consuming prunes on a regular basis has also been associated with excellent bone health effects.

    The Best Snacks for Bone Health

    It is evident from the nutritional profile of prunes that these fruits are one of the greatest snacks for bone health. Boron, magnesium, and vitamin K are among the seemingly infinite list of bone-supporting elements found in these small nutritional powerhouses. In addition, one serving (40 grams) of Sunsweet Prunes contains 3 grams of fiber, zero grams of added sugar, and 6% of the daily intake for potassium. Moreover, prunes contain phenolic chemicals that may inhibit bone resorption and promote bone growth.

    Specific data indicates that consuming prunes daily may provide certain people with bone health benefits. Men who consumed 10 to 12 prunes per day for one year had positive impacts on markers of bone health, according to research published in the Journal of Medical Food. And for postmenopausal women, a new 12-month study undertaken by the Pennsylvania State University found that daily consumption of 50 grams of prunes (five to six prunes) retained hip bone mineral density and reduced hip fracture risk.

    For a more luxurious snack, prunes can be dipped in dark chocolate, added to a yogurt parfait, or packed with soft cheese. Obviously, they can also be enjoyed alone.

    Cottage Cheese and Fruit

    Cottage cheese is a simple source of protein, an essential macronutrient for promoting bone health. In addition, like other dairy products, it contains calcium, magnesium, selenium, and phosphorus. Choosing cottage cheese with probiotics, such as Good Culture, may provide even more bone health assistance since some evidence suggests that probiotics may also promote bone health.

    Not only is cottage cheese and fruit a balanced and delightful snack for bone health but also for overall health.

    100% Orange Juice Frozen Pops

    Orange juice is one of the most common sources of vitamin C. And while it is true that this nutrient is essential for immunological health, it is also crucial for collagen production, which is required for the formation of bones and cartilage.

    The Best Snacks for Bone Health

    The potassium included in orange juice has a function in acid-base balance, which affects bone mineral density, and the flavonoids found naturally in this juice may be engaged in processes that affect bone structure and formation.

    Choosing orange juice with added calcium and vitamin D will provide the body with even more nutrients that promote bone health.

    Orange juice frozen in a popsicle shape is a delicious snack that contains no added sugar and provides the body with minerals that promote bone health.

    Sardine and Avocado Toast

    The perfect bone health-supporting food that will leave you feeling satiated is mashed avocado on toast topped with sardines. Avocados and sardines both include healthful lipids that may promote bone health. In addition, they both include magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin A, which are all essential elements. When selecting sardines, go for those that still retain soft bones, as this variety provides more calcium than those without bones.

    Roasted Soybeans

    Soy-containing foods, such as roasted soybeans, include isoflavones, which are structurally and functionally similar to estrogen and have been found to promote bone formation while blocking bone disintegration. In addition, they are rich in elements that promote bone health, such as protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and calcium.

    The Best Snacks for Bone Health

    Evaluations of populations that consume traditional soy foods (such as fermented soybean curd, soybean milk, fresh bean curd, fried bean curd puff, and soybeans) reveal a good relationship between soy consumption and bone health. Less of an effect has been observed in people that do not consume huge quantities of soyfoods and prefer fully processed soyfoods such as soy milk, soy meat alternatives, and soy protein bars, which may contain fewer isoflavones.

    Snacking on roasted soybeans can provide the body with isoflavones and other essential elements that promote bone health. Edamame is another delicious soy snack choice.

    Fortified Cereal

    At only 50 cents per serving and an abundance of nutrients, the classic breakfast meal might be an excellent snack for those concerned with bone health. For instance, traditional Cheerios contain zinc, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and numerous other elements that promote bone health, and that’s without considering the nutrients present in the additional milk (assuming that you eat your cereal with milk and not dry).

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