10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In America

Labrador Retriever

Labs flourish as working dogs because of their family and hunting traits.

French Bulldog

They have a wrinkled face yet look fresh and lively. Frei noted their particular expressiveness.

Golden Retriever

Golden and Labrador retrievers want to be in your company. “They are interested in doing what you tell them.

German Shepherd

They're absolute dogs,” he remarked. They're all-powerful. A pet. They police. Service dogs.


He respects the meticulous grooming since he knows how much labor it takes. 


Bulldog is the best kind of dog for a lively household!


Beagles are independent but adore people. He liked completing things and being noticed.


If you have a rottweiler, you better be smarter than it.


They're terrier-like. They're courageous because they're badger hunters. They're sturdy small dogs.

Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherds, especially in the West, are athletic and populate hiking paths.

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