4 Dumbbell Exercises To Get a Tapered Waist

1. Thrusters

The thruster is a full-body exercise that recruits all main muscle groups. 


The larger the working muscles, the harder the body must work, and the greater the burn.


The constant activation of the core has a direct effect on the conditioning of the abdominal region.

2. Reverse Lunges + Twist

The reverse lunge and twist exercise is a total-body exercise that increases calorie expenditure.

Reverse Lunges + Twist

To begin, grasp a dumbbell in a "goblet" position at the center of your chest. 

Reverse Lunges + Twist

Then, perform a reverse lunge by placing one foot behind you, bowing both knees and stooping into a lunge position. 

3. Turkish Sit-ups

Crawford favors the Turkish sit-up over the conventional sit-up because it requires an entirely different degree of abdominal activation and stabilization. 

Turkish Sit-ups

Begin by lying on your back with one leg extended and the other bowed. 

4. Dumbbell Press-up

The flutter kick with a dumbbell press-up is the final dumbbell exercise for a tapered waist. 

Dumbbell Press-up

The additional weight will assist in activating your upper body while your core is already engaged.

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