5 Gym Mistakes Women Make That Destroy Progress

1. Using incorrect form

It is essential to utilize proper form when exercising, especially when lifting additional weights.

Using incorrect form

Working out in improper form can completely derail your progress and even cause serious injury.

2. proper nutrition

When adhering to a strict diet plan, it can be difficult to determine the optimal foods to consume around your workout time. 

proper nutrition

In general, it's important to eat carbs before a workout in order to give your body the fuel it needs and to eat protein throughout the day so that your muscles can recover

3. workout routine

Truly, variety is the spice of existence. This adage holds true in terms of your fitness regimen.

workout routine

A common error is conducting the same workout every time you visit the gym. 

4. Focusing on cardio first

Let's get one thing straight: cardio is an effective form of exercise with a multitude of advantages.

Focusing on cardio first

The Cleveland Clinic reports that a cardiovascular workout such as swimming, cycling, rowing, running, or hiking can improve blood flow.

5. Not warming up

If you want to reduce your risk of injury, you must warm up before each and every workout. 

Not warming up

In addition, dealing with an injury will extend the time you are unable to work towards your objectives at the gym.

Not warming up

A good warm-up should include cardiovascular activity and dynamic stretching to prepare the muscles for movement.

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