6 Best Ab Workouts For Men

1. Knee crunch

There are a variety of methods for obtaining a core burn.

Knee crunch

One example is her arduous extended opposite elbow-to-knee bend.

2. Plank

The plank is a timeless exercise for a reason.


This exercise is excellent for targeting your complete core, and "isometric exercises, such as planks, concentrate on stabilizing the spine.

3. Russian twists

The Russian twist is an effective exercise for strengthening the obliques, which are frequently neglected during abdominal exercises.

Russian twists

Russian twist are an excellent way to engage both the obliques and the inner abdominal muscles.

4. Crunches

While standard crunches target the upper abdominal muscles, reverse crunches target the lower abdominal muscles.


You can easily increase the difficulty of crunches by holding something, even a backpack filled with books, against your chest.

5. Cable crunch

A potential benefit of cable crunches is that some individuals find lying on their backs during traditional crunches to be uncomfortable.

Cable crunch

In addition, it is relatively simple to precisely regulate the resistance when performing cable crunches.

6. Hanging knees

The decline bar is not limited to pull-ups alone.

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