6 Best Exercises To Build Your Obliques

1. Side Arm Planks

The tried-and-true to feed a reason, side arm planks engage the oblique muscles statically to employ functional stability throughout the trunk.

Side Arm Planks

Come onto your right forearm on the ground to execute a side arm plank. Stack your hips and heels.

2. Alternating Plank Leg

The next exercise on this list of the greatest oblique exercises is the alternate plank leg lift.

 Alternating Plank Leg

Consider adding a leg lift to this king-of-all-core-exercises to increase the emphasis on oblique work and specifically anti-rotational work. 

3. Mountain Climbers

The mountain climber is a highly effective exercise for targeting external obliques. 

Mountain Climbers

This exercise combines muscular strength and endurance to increase stamina and tone the abdominals.

4. Seated Ab Twists

To perform the seated abdominal twist, sit with your knees bent and your feet level on the ground. 

Seated Ab Twists

Slowly and deliberately, twist your body to the right while keeping your left pelvis on the ground. 

5. Standing Leg 

There are a variety of ways to engage your oblique muscles, including working from the bottom up.

Standing Leg 

To execute the standing leg abduction with resistance, wrap a closed-loop resistance band around your thighs or, to increase the difficulty.

6. Dumbbell Deadlifts

Select a moderate to heavy dumbbell to commence. Hold it in your right hand while extending your left arm to the side.

Dumbbell Deadlifts

Gently flex your ankles. Next, hinge your pelvis forward and lower the dumbbell toward your foot down your right leg.

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