6 Easy Yoga Poses for Hair Growth

1. Sirsasana

Get on your knees with your elbows at shoulder width apart and your fingers interlaced.


You should rest your head on the ground while cupping it with your hands.

2. Uttasana

At the head of your yoga mat, place your feet hip-width apart. Concentrate your whole weight more on the balls of your feet.


Touch your fingertips to the floor (if you can) while keeping your head up and your shoulders back and down.

3. Adho mukha svanasana

To assume the inverted V position, exhale and slowly lift your hips while keeping your elbows and legs straight.

Adho mukha svanasana

The correct posture calls for the hands to rest directly below the shoulders, the feet to rest directly under the hips, the ears to contact the inner side of the arms.

4. Pavanmukthasana

To begin, take a big breath in and raise your right knee up to your chest.


Keep this position for a few seconds as you calmly breathe in and out.

5. Vajrasana

Kneel down with your feet together and your toes pointed backwards. Rest your buttocks on your heels.


Check that your head, neck, and spine form a perfect vertical line.

6. Ustrasana

Ustrasana Kneel with your thighs aligned and connected. If it makes you more at ease to separate them, though, feel free to do so.


Without straining, slowly lean back until your body is as far back as it can go, then reach back for your heels.

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