6 Good Sources of Vitamin D for Vegetarians

1. Sunshine

Sunlight makes vitamin D in your skin. 


various factors can inhibit vitamin D production, and excessive sun exposure may increase skin cancer risk.

2. Certain mushrooms

UV-exposed mushrooms raise vitamin D levels as well as pills.

 Certain mushrooms

Most conventionally farmed mushrooms lack this vitamin since they aren't exposed to UV radiation.

3. Egg yolks

Egg yolks can provide a significant quantity of vitamin D.

Egg yolks

Particularly if they come from chickens fed vitamin-enriched food or allowed to roam freely outdoors.

4. Cheese

Although it contains only trace quantities of vitamin D, cheese is a natural source of this nutrient.


Cheddar, Fontina, and Monterey are slightly superior.

5. Fortified foods

Vitamin D is added to numerous common foods and beverages, including dairy and nondairy milks and some cereals. 

Fortified foods

Because international standards vary, it is important to read labels attentively.

6. Supplements

Vitamin D supplements are a consistent and reliable source of vitamin D.


They are best ingested with fatty foods and should not be taken in excess of the RDI for an extended period of time.

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