The 10 Most Iconic Fast-food Burgers Of All Time

1. White Castle's Slider

The popularity of the burger, which spawned a small empire, was due to the chain's emphasis on hygiene.

2. McDonald’s Classic Hamburger

The burger, which cost only 15 cents, was prepared on a flat-top griddle, which gave it a distinctive flavor and texture.

3. Whataburger’s

To serve a burger so large that it required two hands to hold and so delicious that customers would exclaim

4. The Burger King Whopper

He chose the name "Whopper" to evoke thoughts of something large.

5. In-N-Out's Double Double

Its 1948 signature burger was comprised of locally derived ground beef and fresh vegetables.

6. McDonald’s Big Mac

In the late 1960s, Jim Delligatti, a franchise proprietor for McDonald's in Uniontown

7. Wendy's Hamburger

The fast-food chain became famous for its unique square beef patties prepared with fresh beef.

8. Five Guys' Hamburger

The family launched the first Five Guys with a focus on hand-formed, grill-cooked burgers and fresh-cut, peanut-oil-fried fries.

9. Culver’s ButterBurger

As with many of the other burgers on this list, Culver's ButterBurger is made with fresh.

10. Shake Shake's Shack Burger

The price is now closer to $6, and the chain has more than 200 locations in the United States.

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