7 Fruits To Support Your Weight Loss Goals

1. Raspberries

According to research, increasing your fiber intake can aid in weight loss by keeping you satiated and maintaining regular digestion.


Not only are raspberries rich in fiber, but they are also rich in other nutrients. 

2. Pears

Pears do not receive much attention as a "superfood," but they undoubtedly deserve the label.


However, pear benefits extend far beyond fiber. This stone fruit is laden with vitamin C to combat the inflammatory effects of free radicals. 

3. Blueberries

Even though raspberries contain the most fiber of the berry family, blueberries should still.


Consumption of blueberries is associated with protection against aging, ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollutants, and stress. 

4. Oranges

Oranges are commonly regarded as essential for bolstering the immune system, but they can also aid in weight loss. 


We enjoy oranges because they satiate our sweet tooth and provide a variety of vital nutrients.

5. Apples

A medium-sized apple contains four grams of fiber, which can increase the satiety of a snack or serving of oatmeal.

6. Strawberries

Strawberries must be mentioned in any discussion of the top fruits for weight loss. 

7. Bananas

Due to their fiber, resistant starch, and potassium content, bananas are one of the best foods to consume when you're bloated. 

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