7 Habits That Destroy Your Chances Of Losing Weight

1. Bouncing around to different workouts

This may be the result of "bouncing around" to various exercises.

Bouncing around to different workouts

When you give your weight loss journey one hundred percent of your dedication and effort.

2. Eating too many healthy snacks

Healthy foods are not exceptions to the rule that too much of anything is never a positive thing. 

Eating too many healthy snacks

Some nutritious foods contain a high number of calories, so portion control is essential.

3. Being chintzy with your sleep

Next on this list of seven behaviors that undermine weight loss efforts is inadequate slumber. 

Being chintzy with your sleep

Sleep allows your body to recuperate, conserve energy, and repair the muscles that were worked out during your workouts.

4. Drinking alcohol

Sure, sipping wine while binge-watching reality television is an enjoyable combination, but beware that alcohol can derail your fitness goals.

Drinking alcohol

When we consume alcohol, we disrupt the process of converting fat into energy.

5. Limiting calories

To make weight loss a reality, it is recommended to create a deficit of approximately 500 calories per day.

6. Not drinking enough H2O

Water is an essential component of a weight loss regimen.

7. Dining out or ordering in too much

Last but not least on this list of the worst behaviors that undermine your efforts to lose weight? Too often dining out or purchasing takeout. 

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