7 Most Important Life Skills Everyone Should Master at a Young Age

1. Cooking

Many individuals have never been taught how to cook and have never attempted to learn.


 A Redditor was surprised to learn that so many people cannot cook, which is unfortunate because you spend your entire existence eating.

2. Listening

She stated that she was taught in the Navy that only 11% of the estimated 7 billion humans are excellent listeners.


Thus, 89 percent of people lack exceptional listening skills. That means over 6.5 billion humans are terrible listeners.

3. Sewing

A user argues, "Everyone should be able to fix ripped seams, sew on patches.

4. Swimming

Swimming can be difficult for many individuals who have never tried it.


Given that water comprises 71% of the earth's surface, however, this should be a skill that everyone possesses.

5. Financial Literacy

No one teaches saving, budgeting, credit card use, investing, or the power of compound interest.

Financial Literacy

So many individuals with debt cannot even afford the monthly payment.

6. Basic First Aid

It is sometimes difficult to avoid, but accidents do occur, and you must understand how first aid functions.

Basic First Aid

"I believe that everyone should know how to apply a tourniquet, perform artificial respiration, massage the pulse, etc.

7. Simple Maintenance

Whether it's housekeeping or making minor repairs, the ability to solve small problems on one's own without assistance appears to be dwindling.

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