8 Foods That Are Healthy When Eaten Raw

1. Beans and Legumes

Since they necessitate cooking, a raw food regimen excludes many legumes. 

Beans and Legumes

Certain varieties of legumes, such as red kidney beans, may cause digestive distress if consumed raw.

2. Fats and Oils

Typically, raw food regimens are limited in fat. Some avoid oils altogether. 

3. Beverages

In addition to water, several other beverages are permitted on a raw food diet.

4. Fermented Foods

One technique used to add variety to a raw diet is fermentation.

5. Spices

On a raw food diet, table salt is prohibited, but Himalayan salt, Celtic sea salt, and other seasonings are permitted.

6. Sweeteners

This diet restricts raw sweeteners, but the following are permitted.

7. Animal Protein

Raw animal protein is not recommended because it must be prepared prior to consumption.

8. Herbal Teas

The raw food diet prohibits caffeine, which eliminates coffee and many beverages.

Herbal Teas

Herbal tea is not considered raw because the manufacturing process typically involves heating the tea leaves.

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