All Of Your Major Muscles Without Any Equipment

1. Plank Toe Touch

Pull your body into an inverted "V" form by contracting your lower abs and lifting your hips.

2. Lateral Lunge

Place your feet further apart than your shoulders and hold your arms at your sides as you stand.

 Lateral Lunge

To accomplish this, stretch your right hand down toward your left foot while you bring your left knee up to a 90-degree angle and thrust your hips back and down.

3. Lateral Hop

Jump high to the left and land gently on your left foot while bringing your right knee up.

Lateral Hop

Jump to the right by extending your left leg and landing on your right foot while keeping your left knee bent.

4. Single Leg Deadlift

In a standing position, weight should initially be on the right foot, with the left foot somewhat back behind the torso, toe pointed, and resting on the floor.

Single Leg Deadlift

Simultaneously lifting the left leg behind the body, lowering the torso toward the floor, and extending the left arm forward with the bicep by the ear.

5. Jump Squat

The starting position is a squat with an erect body and hands clasped in front of the chest.

 Jump Squat

Jump up off the ground by extending your legs and pressing through your toes. Your arms should be at your sides.

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