Amazing Foods You Didn't Know Were So Delicious

1. Ew, Broccoli

Broccoli is similar to a sponge in that it absorbs any accompanying condiment. 

Ew, Broccoli

Numerous children have turned their noses up at this nutrient-rich vegetable, but the site's users have expressed strong support for broccoli.

2. Waakye

It was successful for one contributor to omit the name of this intriguing Ghanaian dish.


Waakye is a Ghanaian breakfast or lunch dish consisting of cooked rice and beans." Others, however, consume it for dinner.

3. Mushroom

Due to their grandeur as an ingredient, mushrooms are undervalued, and their quality must be respected. 


Unfortunately, canned mushrooms are incorrectly regarded as a viable option for daily use, as opposed to a last resort. 

4. Brussels sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are an unpopular vegetable with a reputation that is even worse than that of broccoli. 

Brussels sprouts

Indeed, it is accurate! Denying that these edible buds from the cabbage family are tasty would be a strain.

5. A Spicy Carrot

Carrots receive all the praise. The parsnip is their more pungent relative.

A Spicy Carrot

Both are members of the Parsley family, but parsnips are less common.

6. Canned Fish Is Good

If the concept of tinned meat or fish baffles you, have no fear. Many of those who responded to this query adored sardines and anchovies. 

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