American Foods Banned Abroad—and Their Health Effects

1. Citrus sodas

Checking the label for ingredients is a good idea before grabbing a can of a bright yellow beverage like Sun Drop.

2. Certain breakfast cereals

Cereal is a great breakfast option for those who want something sweet to start the day since it's easy to make, cheap, and satisfying. 

3. Skittles

Whether you enjoy Skittles as a throwback snack or occasionally treat your kids to a bag,

4. Milk with certain

The American Cancer Society claims that rBGH is a synthetic hormone given to cows to improve milk production.

5. Some processed bread products

Some foods produced in the United States, such as Jimmy Dean's Turkey Sausage, Egg & Cheese Delights.

6. mashed potatoes

When you just don't feel like cooking but want a warm, comforting dinner, instant mashed potatoes are the way to go.

7. pork tenderloin

The widespread use of growth hormones in American livestock production is a major contributor.

8. buttermilk dinner rolls

Getting your favorite bread goods from the shop is easy and fast, particularly if they include preservatives.

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