Best Ab Exercises for Men


Bend your knees to a 90-degree angle and lie on your back. To do this, pinch your heels together, point your toes.

Hollow Hold

Get down on the ground and lie flat on your back. Your feet should be off the ground and your knees should be bent. 


The starting posture is a solid plank with the hands under the shoulders, the glutes tightened, and the belly button drawn into the spine. 

Side Plank Variations

Assume a side plank posture, with your body in a single long plane, and lift your legs off the ground. 

Swiss Ball Plank

Gently lengthen and retract your plank as you move the Swiss ball forward and back. Brace yourself by keeping your hips level and stationary.

Russian Twist

The trick to the Russian twist is to round your spine until you feel a strong core contraction. 

Alternating Straight-Leg Jackknife

Toward the ceiling while bringing your left arm around to contact your right foot.

Starfish Crunch

Pull your abs in tight, stand up straight, and form a ball by bringing your knees to your chest. 

Mountain Climber

Cross your right knee over such that it touches the outside of your left elbow, and then switch sides and do the same thing.

Raise your right foot a couple of inches and hold the position for 5-10 seconds. Put your right foot on the floor and then your left.

One Leg Plank