Best Birds to Watch for in America


Mauna Kea's arid mountain slopes. Protecting these vulnerable birds requires preserving their environment.

Erckel's Francolin

Their distinctive "laughing bird" voice, vivid markings, and round form make them simple to identify.


Nenes can appear calm in some locations, but disturbing them can result in severe fines.

Hawaiian Owl

They hunt most often at the beginning and end of the day, but they may hunt around daylight hours if there are any hungry owlets.

Western Meadowlark

This grassland bird is simple to recognise thanks to its happy song, vivid plumage, and black necklace.

Sharp-Tailed Sandpiper

These migrating sandpipers are most often found on dunes near river mouths and in tiny ponds, swamps, and mudflats.

Red-Footed Booby

The best area to see these boobies is on the steep hillsides near the landmark lighthouse at Pele Point.

White Tern

The bristle-thighed curlew's bill is curved and bigger. This bird inhabits grassland and sand dunes.

Brown Noddy

Their unique appearance and steady, purposeful flight style make these birds simple to distinguish.

Common Myna

It has become commonplace, and today residents of all the islands can observe it as they stroll through the city or a suburban park or garden.

Northern Cardinal

it regularly visits bird feeders, bringing joy to bird watchers and brightening their yards.

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