Best Birds to Watch for in Hawaii

Laysan Albatross

Hawaii is a great spot to watch the Laysan tern. 

Japanese White-Eye

Small flocks of these omnivore birds scavenge for fruit, insects, and nectar. 

Red-Crested Cardinal

These worldwide songbirds thrive in urban surroundings, making them common on tennis courts, resort grounds, and city parks.

Rose-Ringed Parakeet

These beautiful, long-tailed parrots also visit yards, although they can be noisy and unwelcome. 

Hawaiian Petrel

Conservation initiatives are underway to safeguard these burrowing birds from invasive predators. 

White-Rumped Shama

Many places welcome these birds because of their wonderful song.

Zebra Dove

These tame birds can come near cafe and outdoor dining patrons seeking food. 


Lobelia bushes and their copious nectar attract the ‘I’iwi, but they also frequent other nectar-rich blooms and nectar feeders.

Red-Whiskered Bulbul

Its striking colors and face pattern make it an appealing bird, but its agricultural pest habits make it unwelcome in many parts of Hawaii.

Red-Tailed Tropicbird

These birds are frequently confused with the state's white-tailed and red-billed tropicbirds.

Yellow-Fronted Canary

Yellow-fronted canaries frequently frequent yard and garden feeders due to their varied diet of seeds and insects.

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