Best Ever Weight Loss Smoothies

1. Berry Cauliflower

This drink's striking purple hue is a result of the blueberries that entice you to consume it.

Berry Cauliflower

Add protein powder or peanut butter for a weight loss smoothie that is substantial and satisfying.

2. Paleo Piña Colada

If you enjoy pia coladas and getting caught in the rain, you'll adore this pia colada smoothie that is significantly healthier than the original. 

Paleo Piña Colada

Although it contains no alcohol, it still has a refreshing pineapple and coconut flavor. 

3. Spirulina Piña Colada

Now incorporate spirulina, a superfood derived from algae, to make this tropical idyll drink vegan.

Spirulina Piña Colada

The coconut base and chilled pineapple give this smoothie a pia colada flavor.

4. Pear Cardamom Oats

Pears are not typically included in smoothies, but hear us out! When mature.

Pear Cardamom Oats

Combining them with grains for creaminess imparts a natural sweetness as well.

5. Raspbery Peach-Swirled

There is something to be said about the classic flavor of peaches and cream. 

Raspbery Peach-Swirled

The raspberries lend a pleasant tartness to the smoothie, while the Greek yogurt creates a smooth texture.

6. Key Lime Pie Smoothie

A pastry you can drink? That is a triumph. A drinkable variant of a healthy pie? Double success.

Key Lime Pie Smoothie

This vegan key lime pie smoothie combines all the delectable elements of a key lime pie, including the graham cracker, with the added nutritional value of spinach.

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