Best Exercise To Lose Weight

1. Running

Running burns calories without a treadmill, whether you like it or not. Start walking.

2. Jump Rope

Jumping rope works the whole body. It activates your quads and glutes to launch you off the ground.

3. Strength Training

Resistance exercise prevents osteoporosis. Weightlifting strengthens bones.

4. Kickboxing

Kickboxing burns calories, builds strength, and relieves stress!

Kickboxing burns calories, builds strength, and relieves stress!

5. Spinning

Spinning on a bike or stationary bike burns calories and builds stamina.

6. High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT workouts are the best way to burn calories and boost metabolism. Best of all, these workouts are short.

7. Rowing

Rowing machines are one of the best cardio and strength machines.

8. Elliptical

Ellipticals maintain weight loss while reducing stress: the elliptical provides low-impact fitness.

9. StairMaster

Climbing stairs is difficult regardless of fitness. Short steps force you to use your glutes, quads, and calves to lift your body.

10. Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are an easy, full-body strength and aerobic workout. Battle ropes raise heart rate quickly.

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