Best Exercises To Get A Flat Tummy

1. The Boat Pose

 If you sit down with your legs stretched out in front of you and your knees bent, your body will form a straight angle.

The Boat Pose

 Pull your stomach in till it's in balance. Stretch your arms out to the side, past your knees if you're tall enough.

2. Reverse Curl

Lie on your back and place the Swiss ball or medicine ball in the space between your thighs and calves.

Reverse Curl

 A medical ball or Swiss ball will do for this exercise routine. The Swiss ball is a more casual alternative to the medical ball.

3. Hundred Exercise

 This is a classic Pilate's move in which the legs are carried individually and in a tabletop position, with the hips wide apart.

Hundred Exercise

 Start doing up and down arm pumps. To better your posture, you should stand with your legs spread wide and face the sky.

4. Russian Twists

One of the finest ways to have a flat tummy is by doing Russian exercise.

Russian Twists

Now, spread your toes as far as you comfortably can so that your upper back and shoulders are resting on the ball and your body is in a bridge position.

5. The Plank

Start by placing your forearms on the ground while lying flat on your belly to get ready for this exercise.

The Plank

One of the simplest ways to have a flat stomach is to practice the plank.

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