Best Fall Hair Colors

Face-framing highlights for fall

If you're not ready for an all-over dye job, consider face-framing highlights that are both bright and natural, as seen on Isabela Merced.

Brown recommends "low-maintenance, high-impact" hair colors, such as these highlights.

Mushroom-brown hair for fall

When Bodt did my hair a few months ago (flex), she predicted that buttery.

 It's simple for blondes and brunettes to achieve mushroom-brown hair with cool-toned highlights or a taupe hair gloss, which is why it's becoming increasingly popular.

Pearl-blonde colors for fall

If you believed Kim Kardashian's Marilyn moment at the Met Gala was over, you were gravely mistaken.

Celebrities such as Emma Chamberlain and Lorde are bleaching their hair for the upcoming autumn season.

Deep-blue hair color

I can confidently say that this dark-navy hue is my favorite to emulate this autumn.

Because it's a cool way to go darker without going black, and it still adds a splash of color to the autumn and winter seasons.

Rose hair for fall

If you've been experimenting with pastel hair colors all summer, consider switching to a deeper, more vibrant shade of pink for fall, like Lizzo.

The hue straddles the line between pink and red, and, depending on your skin tone, may appear slightly raspberry.

Copper fall hair

Copper hair for autumn is essentially the equivalent of florals for spring.

There is nothing more autumnal than hair that literally resembles pumpkin flavor.

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