Best Fast Food in Every State Is Locally Obsessed


Barbecue fans are lucky to live in an era when Birmingham's before-obscure white sauce can be found all over the country.

Alabama: Milo's

This seemingly unassuming Anchorage staple has gone to extraordinary lengths, over the course of centuries.

Alaska: Lucky Wishbone

This popular regional brand began in the when two young entrepreneurs sold cool lemonades to sweltering college students in Tucson.

Arizona: Eegee's

You can catch a catfish in almost any local water. Arkansas invented this stylish fast-casual restaurant serving.

Arkansas: Eat My Catfish!

Since the car came into being, Los Angeles has been a vibrant laboratory for American fast food's bright future. 

California: Zankou Chicken

Carmen Morales as our a Brighton native, launched the first Santiago's in.

Colorado: Santiago's

Everyone knows that the greatest spot for an Italian sub is a good Italian deli.

Connecticut: Nardell

New York City to a locale that swirls white cheddar cheese and luscious, ruby red tomato sauce over pizzas.

Delaware: Grotto Pizza

Barbecue chains abound throughout America. Few get as close to tying quality comparable to this Orlando-area favorite.

Florida: Rivers Smokehouse

They don't know where this indigenous fast-food company supplied the pimento milk for years.

Georgia: Wifesaver

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