Best Fast-Food Tater Tots

1. SmashBurger

This is your cue to order the tots as opposed to the fries the next time you visit SmashBurger. 


The tots are a mainstay at the fast food restaurant, and the restaurant sticks to its basic recipe in order to emphasize the tot trifecta: a crispy outside, a fluffy inside.

2. Tots

It's no wonder that Sonic, which has established itself as the go-to drive-in restaurant in America, offers the ubiquitous tater tot.


Their take offers a delightful contrast of textures thanks to its golden crisp outside and pillowy soft within.

3. tater tots

TacoTime has been the subject of much praise, with one Food & Wine contributor going so far as to.

tater tots

In the franchise's official nomenclature, the spiced fries are called.

4. domino's tots

Domino's pizza oven is another distinguishing feature of these infants. The final product is a cheesy, crunchy, flavorful masterpiece.

domino's tots

The launch of Loaded Tots at several restaurants was timed to coincide with the Super Bowl this year. 

5. Dunkin

Let's be honest about what we're eating at Dunkin': flat tots, not hash browns. 


These potato snacks are created with a special secret flavor that keeps customers coming back for more. 

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