Best Weight-Loss Foods That Fill You Up

1. Pears

Pears have 102 calories per yet 6 grams of satisfying fiber to keep your stomach from growling between meals.

2. Beans

Beans green, black, kidney, or navy don't matter. One study indicated that 3/4 cup of any kind a day can help you lose weight.

3. Mushrooms

Portobellos regulate blood sugar and hormones, which can help prevent diabetes and help you lose weight.

4. Grapes

Grapes can help you lose weight. If you're trying to avoid dessert, freeze a bunch and pop a couple when you're desiring something sweet.

5. Apples

Apples may not prevent disease, but they can help you lose weight.

6. Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes are great providers of weight-loss fiber, despite their negative reputation. 

7. Celery

Celery is mostly water and fiber, which fill you up quickly, and a cup of chopped celery has 14 calories, compared to 160 for a cup of chips.

8. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are good for weight loss also, like lentils and beans.

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