Best Foods for Your Healthy Weight

1. Whole eggs

Once dreaded for their cholesterol content, whole eggs are making a comeback.

2. Leafy greens

Some examples of leafy greens are kale, spinach, collard greens, Swiss chard, and others.

 Leafy greens

Several of their properties make them ideal for achieving or maintaining a healthy weight.

3. Salmon

Fatty seafood such as salmon are extremely nutritious and satiating.


Salmon is rich in high-quality protein, healthful fats, and numerous essential nutrients.

4. Cruciferous vegetables

As with other vegetables, they are high in fiber and typically quite substantial.

Cruciferous vegetables

Additionally, these types of vegetables contain a fair level of protein.

5. Tuna

It is a lean fish, which means it contains protein, which aids in satiety, as well as beneficial fats.


Eating fish such as salmon and tuna can be a wonderful way to increase your intake of protein, with the added benefit of nourishing.

6. Beans and legumes

These foods are typically rich in protein and fiber, both of which are nutrients that promote fullness.

Beans and legumes

Due to the amount of fiber they contain, beans may induce bloating and gas in some individuals.

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