Best Frozen Foods to Stock Up


Fatter is better. I prefer pancetta. Breakfast, lunch, and supper.


Salmon, hamachi, and giant mackerel collars make superb soups and stews. 

Fatty fish collars

You can serve these people as a starch that was or mash them to make root vegetables and eggs.

Tater tots

I love ice cube trays for frozen flavor bombs. Simply create your base, pour it into ice cube trays, and store them in an airtight container.

Prosciutto and Mustard

Also preserve Dickson's Farmstand Meals chicken stock and liquor for sauces and deglazing pans. 

wine for sauces

Healthy leafy greens are fantastic. Kale and chard are versatile and less watery than spinach.

Leafy greens

I stock up on cuts of meat at the butcher store. I'll ask someone to pack single pounds of turkey for dinner, beef.

Ground meat

Sweet bananas freeze soft. They satisfy sweet tooths. Freeze slices. Ice cream-like texture. 


Peas "I vacuum dry and freeze most of my cooking." It's worth it for long-term food storage. 


In Colombia, we consume big-butt ants. I always keep some in my freezer, and when I want them, I sautéed them in pan until crispy.

Puff pastry

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