Best Haircuts for Women in 2023

1. Butterfly Haircut

The butterfly haircut is popular because you may experiment with shorter hair around your face without cutting all your length.

2. Octopus Haircut

The design resembles a shag and is named for its round, bulbous top and wide bottom, resembling an octopus head and tentacles.

3. Air Bangs

Air bangs. These delicate, wispy bangs let your forehead show through.

4. The Power Bob

The successful HBO drama has supposedly increased desire for a sleek, power bob. 

5. The Shullet

Shag-mullet hybrids are shullets. TikTok calls it "the wolf cut." It gives delicate hair body with its abundant texture.

6. The Smullet

The shullet concept, but shorter. Smullets should be shoulder-length or longer for a lob effect.

7. The Mixie

The long, wavy fringe is minimal maintenance since it covers less ground than other styles.

8. The Italian Bob

The Boyfriend Bob," became the most talked-about hairstyle on social media.

9. Sideswept Pixie

Trim the sides and leave the top long. Then, use pomade to create a swept-back style.

10. Modern Mullet

The Miley Cyrus-inspired mullet of today is characterized by gradually increasing length in the rear and face framing layers up front. 

11. Long Pixie

This cut, which falls somewhere between a bob and a pixie, is more adaptable than you may expect. 

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