Best Long Hairstyles For Men

1. Long Slicked Back Hair

The long slicked back hairstyle is an excellent method for men with longer medium-length hair to achieve a sophisticated and polished look. 

Long Slicked Back Hair

If you suffer from cowlicks, a smooth back is fantastic. Men will need to use a strong pomade or mousse to achieve the smooth back's signature sheen.

2. Ponytail

The ponytail is a low-maintenance hairstyle for men who want a stylish appearance with minimal effort.


In addition to pulling back your hair, you should concentrate on adding luster to avoid appearing ungainly.

3. Textured Long Wavy Hair

Long, flowing hair is widely favored by heartthrobs and movie stars, making it a fashionable hairstyle for fashionable men. 

Textured Long Wavy Hair

These examples demonstrate that long waves are adaptable and versatile, allowing you to style a sexy yet masculine appearance. 

4. Man Bun

The man bun is a modern, fashionable, and sleek hairstyle for males with long hair.

Man Bun

Long-haired males appreciate the stylish and practical design of the man bun, which has become more iconic over time. 

5. Half-Up Half-Down Bun

To achieve this style, you must draw approximately one-third of your middle section hair back before securing it in a loose bun or ponytail.

Half-Up Half-Down Bun

You can add texture by layering the remaining top hair or by not shampooing it for a day or two.

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