Best States To Retire in America

1. Florida

Florida is the ideal retirement state for many reasons. Florida has no state income tax, saving retirees a lot of money.


Florida has no legacy or estate taxes, making it excellent for passing down wealth.


Florida's high senior population means many elder-friendly activities and amenities.

2. Arizona

Arizona, with its beautiful sky and various activities, is a popular retirement spot.


Hiking, biking, golfing, and equestrian riding are also available.


Arizona is a fantastic area to retire on a budget, even for early retirees, due to its low cost of living.

3. Colorado

Colorado has gorgeous mountains, pristine lakes, and unlimited outdoor activity.


Colorado attracts active early retirees with its beautiful splendor and world-class towns like Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins.

4. Maine

Retirement is significant. It's a chance to start again, so pick a place that suits you.


Some move to warmer climates. Others move to a four-season climate.

5. South Carolina

South Carolina has various attractions, warm weather, and friendly residents.

South Carolina

The state has no state income tax and a cheap cost of living, making it excellent for retirement funds.

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