Best Toasts for All Occasions

Health and Prosperity

This toast wishes them happiness, health, and success.

Deep Friendship

Save this toast for longstanding pals to demonstrate your love.


Remember your funniest best buddies. It's wonderful with shots.

Solid Friendship

This "ship" lyric will unleash your poet. It's ideal for eating dinner with your buddies and saying.

Round of Drinking

Your friend brought in a bottle of "the tasty stuff," so show your gratitude.

Love and Kisses

This toast has numerous meanings. The first line sounds like spring break, but the ending is beautiful. 

Happiness and a Good Life

Sometimes you need an old verse. This is perfect for special occasions or poetic moments.

Good Time

I have the best friends.

 Life of Happiness

As people migrate away or embark on new challenges, it's a great way to say farewell or see you later.

Happiness and Wisdom

These wise comments are great for weddings, graduations, job changes, and cross-country moves. 

Old Friends and Memories

The words are great for graduation or undergraduate reunion toasts to rekindle memories.

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