Best Trap Workout For Regular Guys

1. Diver Pose

Holding a light dumbbell in each hand, bend legs and hinge forward at the waist until the back is parallel to the floor and flat. 

Diver Pose

Raise your arms in front of you in a Y formation, as if you were about to plunge into a pool. Hold for five beats. 

2. Barbell Shrug

Maintain a shoulder-width stance. Overhand grasp a barbell in front of you with your arms extended. 

Barbell Shrug

While maintaining straight arms, shrug your shoulders while simultaneously elevating the barbell several inches.

3. Lateral Lifts

Maintaining a shoulder-width stance, hold a dumbbell in each hand. 

Lateral Lifts

Raise your arms out to the sides while holding the weights vertically.

4. Farmer’s Carry

Walk around the room while holding a hefty dumbbell in each hand and maintaining your arms at your sides.

Farmer’s Carry

Focus on maintaining a straight posture and back shoulders. Three 60-second treks.

5. High Pulls

Position your ankles hip-width apart approximately three feet away from the cable pull. 

High Pulls

Pull the cable directly toward your head using the Y-handle while pressing your shoulder blades together.

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