Best Weight-Loss Diets

Best Diets Overall

Reduce body fat and lower your risk of developing serious illnesses like diabetes and cancer.

Flexitarian Diet

Flexitarians"  are believed to have a 15% lower body mass index, a 4 year longer lifespan, and a reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Volumetrics Diet

Volumetrics, developed by a nutrition expert at Penn State University, has several advantages over strictly following a diet plan. 

Weight Watchers Diet

There are no strict rules about what you may and cannot consume, and the meal plan is adaptable. 

Atkins Diet

The diet consists of four distinct stages. To lose weight, you first restrict carbohydrates, and then gradually increase your food intake. 

Health Management Resources

Meal replacement is central to this diet plan and is reported to increase weight loss success by a factor of three compared to more conventional weight loss plans.


OPTAVIA, like many other weight-loss programs, emphasizes eating less carbohydrates and fewer calories

Keto Diet

The objective is to get into ketosis, a metabolic condition in which fat is burned instead of carbohydrates, as quickly as possible.

Though the withdrawal process may be uncomfortable at first, the positive outcomes outweigh the negatives.