Best Weight Loss Plan for Middle-Aged Woman

1. Hormonal Changes

You are also more likely to lose muscle, which will increase your total body fat and make it more difficult to firm and tone. 

Hormonal Changes

For instance, many women who lose weight develop slender fat, a flaccid body, and a great deal of sagging skin.

2. Poor Food Choices

Over time, excessive consumption of sugars, cereals, refined grains, and carbohydrates causes insulin resistance (3).

Poor Food Choices

High insulin levels encourage fat storage in specific areas, including the abdomen, hips, and thighs.

3.  Increased Snacking

Over the years, poor eating habits can accumulate and cause a person to gain weight more quickly and easily than before.

 Increased Snacking

Snacking throughout the day accumulates and makes it simple to consume too many calories (7).

4. Stress, Sleep & Sedentary

Work, family, and all the other craziness occurring in the world today can all contribute to stress over time. 

Stress, Sleep & Sedentary

The quality of your sleep may be negatively impacted by tension. 

5. Slower Metabolism

Consider your metabolism to be the engine that burns fat.

Slower Metabolism

Changes in hormones cause this age-related metabolic slowdown, which is exacerbated by the loss of muscle mass. 

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