Brief Hairstyles for Women Over 50

1. Salma Hayek’s Deep Side Part

An extreme side part will make it appear as though you have more hair. 

Salma Hayek’s Deep Side Part

Brushing your hair to one side creates the appearance of volume and balance while drawing attention away from the crown of the head.

2. Jennifer Lopez’s Asymmetrical Bob

Regarding generating volume, this slightly uneven cut makes the ends of fine hair appear fuller.

3. Kelly Ripa’s Relaxed Lob

No one else but Kelly Ripa. Keep it sleek and straight, or if you desire more volume, add some unstructured waves.

4. Lisa Rinna’s Pixie Shag

The pixie shag is a variation of the traditional shag. To achieve Lisa Rinna's appearance, invest in a paste that defines the layers and ends of your hair.

5. Meg Ryan’s Curly Shag

Regarding shags, this curlier variant is another classic style.

6. Regina King’s Center-Parted Bob

As shown by Regina King, a center part looks exceptionally polished with a shorter bob.

7. Michelle Yeoh’s Longer Lob

Homage to Michelle Yeoh and her flawlessly groomed lob. The sixty-year-old actress demonstrates that lengthier hair is ageless.

8. Julia Robert’s Soft Lob

Similar concept, but with more relaxed and gentler waves. This medium-length cut has more movement than you could possibly want.

9. Robin Wright’s Bixie

The ends are left just long enough to conceal behind the ear if desired. 

10. Tariji P. Henson’s Full Curls

Ask your stylist to cut your hair in layers, without excessively thinning it out, to prevent your curls from weighing you down.

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