Canned Foods to Keep on Hand


Canned brown anchovies are a key element that are frequently disregarded. 

Brown anchovies

Toast them and fill them with eggs and cheese. You can also use it in place of fresh sausage in fried rice or a hearty tomato sauce.


If you heat a can of condensed milk in the same can over hot water for a time you can turn it into dulce de leche.

Condensed milk

hey are a satisfying alternative to fried snacks since they are salty and full without being greasy. 

Stuffed grape leaves

Chickpeas look like a answer however they are in fact good for your health and can be used in a variety of ways.


I grew up eating whitefish salad, and the flavor of canned sardines reminds me of that.


Pasta and pizza sauce are the foundation of my pantry staples, so I always keep a can of tomatoes on hand. 

Crushed tomatoes

I grew up on a variety of dishes that all started with this miraculous condensed can of sweetness.

mushroom soup

They are both wonderful in sweets, savory dishes, and blended drinks.

Coconut milk 

Protein. Beans are a healthy alternative to meat that may be used in thousands of different dishes.

Beans, of course

I advocate collecting canned goods since "almost every thing can be preserved in canned and truly lasts close to forever.

Literally everything

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