Creative Holiday Food Ideas 

Wrapped Asparagu

Asparagus tastes great when it's wrapped with bacon.

Wrapped Asparagus 

We improve upon this dish by using puff pastry. Use it as a starter for your Thanksgiving dinner or as a side dish for any other festive occasion. 

Cheese and Bacon Baskets 

If any of your guests have lactose intolerance, they will appreciate them. 

Cheese and Bacon Baskets 

They're like savory muffins, but with a rose of bacon in the centre. 

Flower Vol Au Vents

Sun-dried tomato, cream cheese, and spinach combine to make a delectable appetizer that is also suitable for vegetarians: vol au vents. 

Flower Vol Au Vents

A cookie cutter that is in diameter. We use a flower-shaped one, but any little, flat form would do.

Shells with Pearls

These may appear difficult to create due to their magnificent appearance, but they are actually rather simple.

Shells with Pearls is your online source for farm-fresh foods.

Egg wash

Divide the pastry sheet in half lengthwise, and then cut each half into four even rectangles.

Egg wash

The shell form is made by cutting lines softly toward each tip with a knife. 

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