Delicious 5-Ingredient Recipes

1. Brown Rice

Easy, nutritious, and delectable Brown Rice Mushroom Pilaf will become your new favorite dish.

Brown Rice

A flavorful one-pot meal made with only five ingredients.

2. Chicken Drumsticks

This basic recipe for Chicken Drumsticks with five ingredients is delicious and uncomplicated, and your entire family will enjoy them.

Chicken Drumsticks

Thanks to a simple marinade of tamari, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and garlic, the meat is tender.

3. Lavender & Macarons

Here are some delectable and simple recipes for your freshly caught fish.

Lavender & Macarons

From chicken paprikash to chicken with crackling mustard, these recipes are simple to prepare and ideal for any occasion.

4. Cook

Mussels With Sour Cream And Garlic Garlic Mussels In Sour Cream Sauce are exceedingly creamy and comforting. 


This simple concoction can be prepared from start to end in less than 30 minutes. 

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