Diet Foods That Don't Work

Diet Yogurt

Dieters like diet yoghurt. Since diet yoghurts have fewer calories, fat, and sugar, it sounds good

Green Tea

Weight loss miracles include green tea. It may help you lose weight, but research shows it's unlikely.

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are low-calorie snacks. They also lack nutrition. 

Diet Soda

However, some research suggests that booze more unnaturally-sweetened beverages can lead to feelings of sweetness and weight gain.

Ice Cream

Several "good for you" ice cream brands have fewer calories or sugar. However, they are not healthier.

Veggie Chips

Vegetable chips and straws are no healthy than potato chips. 

Lean Cuisines

Sodium frequently exceeds half your daily intake! Some meals have too few calories, causing overeating later.

Skim Milk

Fat-free skim milk is considered healthier than full milk. 

Celery Juice

Losing weight with celery juicing is famous. No scientific evidence supports it. 


Popcorn is low-calorie. Despite this, they are not the greatest weight loss snacks. 

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