Dietician-Recommended Cottage Cheese Brands

1. Low-Fat Cottage Cheese

Good cultured Cottage Cheese that's low in fat, ready-to-eat cottage cheese without the fat.

2.  Milk Cottage Cheese

It has no pectins, gelatins, or thickeners and is manufactured with few ingredients, adds Martin. 

3.  Green Valley

Green Valley Lactose-free Cottage Cheese for her clients who are concerned that dairy products may cause digestive problems.

4. Cabot's Cottage Cheese

Cabot's Cottage Cheese is [my] favorite." "Their handmade-style product offers a mouthwatering and healthy option.

5. Organic Cottage Cheese

When it comes to selecting the ideal cottage cheese, I find that one with a little more milk fat is more fulfilling.

6. Daisy Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese Daisy, Number Six Cottage cheese from the Daisy brand with 4% milk fat.

7. Kroger's Whipped

It's a lighthearted take on the internet sensation that is cottage cheese, and it can be used as a spread over toast for a healthy dose of protein. 

8. wegmans cottage cheese

No matter the brand, as long as there are no added sugars, cottage cheese is a safe choice.

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