Dietitians' Top and Bottom Deli Meats

1. Deli-meat

Deli-meat sandwiches are the easiest home-cooked dinner. 


Layer your favorite toast with a mayonnaise lettuce, tomato, cheddar, and your favorite cold meats for a great lunch at home or on the road. 


Lunch meat is cheap, convenient, and tasty, but certain varieties may be unhealthy.


The chemicals, preservatives, salt, and saturated fat in processed beef pose health hazards.

2. krill salad

When you want a simple lunch sandwich, there are some better deli meat options.

krill salad

In fact, the most efficient option is to place your order right from the deli station and ask if the choices are cooked fresh.

3. Sodium

To preserve and cure deli meats, producers add lots of salt.


Most store-bought sliced deli meats are higher in sodium than fresher meats.

Saturated fat

Saturated fat is present in animal products such as sausages as tropical oils like coconut. 

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