Drinks to Poop Fast


Constipation occurs when undigested food remains in the digestive tract. 


Maintaining regular bowel movements might be as simple as drinking enough water.

Water with lemon

Nutritionist Caroline Thomason, RD, CDCES says that citric acid, a type of vitamin C found in lemons and lemon juice.

Water with lemon

Thomason adds that drinking lemon juice can help with constipation because it.

Chia fresca

Another beverage that promotes regular bowel movements is a chia fresca.

Chia fresca

The Cleveland Clinic states that the chia seeds' insoluble fiber content may have a laxative impact by making stools easier to pass.


Many people believe that the caffeine in coffee is what causes it to stimulate bowel movements.

Fresh fruit juice

The natural laxative sorbitol included in prune juice might leave some people feeling gassy, according to Manaker.

Aloe vera juice

Some studies have shown that aloe vera can be used as a laxative, according to Thomason. 

fresh ginger

True teas, such as black and green teas, contain thousands of bioactive elements.

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