Every Fast-Food French Fry—Ranked

Waffle Potato Fries

Chick-Fil-A fries have the lowest salt content on this list, but their high calories and 24 grams of fat make them Not That!

Natural-Cut Fries

America's worst fast food French fries because they're heavy in sodium and calories.

Taco Bell Nacho Fries

Taco Bell's nacho fries come and go from the permanent menu, but eating too many is never a good idea.

Natural Cut Fries

These fries have a lot of unneeded fat, sodium, and calories.

Cajun Fries

Popeyes' secret fried seasoning is delicious, but the high potassium and salt content can wreck your thighs and heart.

Recipe Fries

This dinner's sodium, about half the FDA's daily guideline, may be the worst for your waistline.

 French Fries

These high-sodium, high-calorie fries raise blood pressure.

Curly Fries

If you can't eat five-and-a-half bacon slices at once, don't order these.

Curly Fries

These salty potatoes are sodium-packed despite their decreased calorie value. 

Five Guys Fries

That's sans the huge juicy burger you'll likely get with this greasy side.

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