1. Rich in nutrients

Water and carbohydrates make up nearly all of a banana's 112 calorie count. They contain almost minimal fat and almost no protein.

2. May improve blood sugar levels

This indicates that even though bananas have a larger carb content, they still won't cause significant blood sugar rises in healthy people. 

3. May support digestive health

Many studies have shown that increasing your fiber intake can help your digestive system run more smoothly.

4. May aid weight loss

Bananas have been speculated to aid in weight loss, however this has never been proven.

5. May support heart health

Potassium is an essential element for heart health, and it plays a crucial role in controlling blood pressure. 

6. Full of antioxidants

Bananas, like many other fruits and vegetables, are a great way to acquire antioxidants in your diet.

7. May help you feel fuller

Bananas' soluble fiber may aid in satiety by increasing gastric volume and decreasing digesting speed.

8. May improve insulin sensitivity when unripe

Several studies show that consuming resistant starch, like that found in unripe bananas, can have a beneficial effect on insulin sensitivity.

9. May improve kidney health

Bananas may help keep your kidneys healthy since they are a good dietary supply of potassium.

10. May support exercise recovery

This is because they are high in easily absorbed carbohydrates and electrolyte-regulating minerals like potassium and magnesium.