Fast Food Around the World


Fish and chips, one of Britain's most popular fast food options, are ideal for those who are hungry but don't have the time to sit down and have a leisurely lunch.

England: Fish and Chips

Takoyaki are octopus-filled batter balls fried in oil and served with fish flakes and a savory sauce. 

Japan: Takoyaki

Unlike a standard cheeseburger, practically anything goes in a taco, making them a top choice among fast food options.

Mexico: Tacos

The American fast food market might benefit greatly from the popularity of meat on a stick. 

Thailand: Satay

Falafel are produced from mashed chickpeas that have been seasoned and shaped into balls before being deep-fried.

Israel: Falafel

It may seem counterintuitive to consider soup fast food, yet in Vietnam, pho is a staple. 

Vietnam: Pho

You've undoubtedly heard this dish mentioned several times by someone you know from El Salvador.

El Salvador: Pupusas

Empanadas are a popular dish in several Latin American countries, each with its own twist. 

Argentina: Empanadas

While Bratwurst may be the first fast food that springs to mind when one thinks of Germany, Doner Kebab is far more popular.

Germany: Doner Kebab

Arepas are to Venezuela what sandwiches or tacos are to the United States and Mexico, respectively.

Venezuela: Arepas

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