Fast-Food Salad Roundup

Rad Thai

This sustainable small chain uses local and organic foods. Choose Rad Thai salad next time. 

Pret’s Chef Salad 

This gorgeous salad has roasted turkey that's bacon, enclosure-free hard-boiled eggs, and tons of greens for only 290 calories.

Chicken Salad

This high-protein salad has it all—fruit, greens, crispy nuts, and tender cubed chicken. 

Beet Salad 

This eastern coast chain is famous because of its soups and stews but their salads are good too. 

Buffalo Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, celery, ranch-style dressing and Buffalo sauce. 

Palm Beach

This rising chain's "salad specialists" make imaginative, healthful, and fast salads.

Salad Saigon Summer

This salad spot provides customers bonuses for using biodegradable bowls. 

Salad Saigon Summer

This summer salad features local and natural kale, romaine, pickling veggies, sustainable cooked shrimp, freshly picked basil, crispy wontons, and Asian Sesame dressing.

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