Fast Weight-loss Foods

1. Protein

I enjoy this macronutrient juggernaut for a multitude of reasons: It promotes skin, hair, nails, bones, and muscle health.


Protein increased satiety (fullness and feelings of contentment) and increased post-meal calorie expenditure.

2. Vitamin C

You've been told for years to take vitamin C to prevent colds, but are you aware of its reputation as a weight-loss food.

Vitamin C

Their analysis linked suboptimal intakes of specific micronutrients to an increased risk of being overweight.

3. Honey

Here are some quick and simple strategies to lose weight that you may not be aware of.


It is an efficient cough suppressant and may enhance blood sugar control and immunity.

4. Cocoa

If you're like me, you embrace any new reason to consume more chocolate.


Cocoa is richer in phenolic antioxidants than the majority of foods.

5. Vinegar

What's the surprise? In addition to aiding in satiety, the acidity that accompanies salad dressing also makes you feel full.


According to research, vinegar can reduce the glycemic influence of a meal, which is associated with satiety and decreased food intake.

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