Foods That Outlast the Expiration Date

1. Heavy Cream

I usually have some heavy cream on hand because it is a kitchen staple and is used for so many different things.

Heavy Cream

The challenge is that my typical serving size is only a few teaspoons.

2. Cheese

I also know that soft cheeses may be stored in the refrigerator for several.


Mold may quickly spread through and ruin soft cheeses such as shredded or grated varieties.

3. Eggs

I usually seem to have eggs on hand, but I am terrible at checking their expiration date. 


That's about three to four weeks after the date it should have expired.

4. Yogurt

Whether it's for a parfait or a substitute for sour cream, I always have a big container of plain Greek-style yogurt on hand.

5. Canned Vegetables

Canned goods have a lengthy shelf life, which is not shocking.

6. Packaged Bagels & Breads

Preservatives in bagels and bread make them keep a week or two past the "Use Buy" date if refrigerated.

7. Dry Rice & Pasta

Those who, like myself, buy their dry goods from the bulk bins may have no idea when their rice or pasta.

8. Condiments

My condiments have taken over the entire door of my refrigerator. There are some brand-new ones.

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