Foods That Shouldn't Last Long In Your Pantry


After three months, cereal that has been left open to the air will lose its freshness, while a well sealed box will last for a whole year. 

Nuts and seeds

There is a lot of oil in nuts and seeds, and that oil will go rancid after a few months. 

Nuts and seeds

This shiny coating on gummy chocolates is truly carnauba wax, which is also used to polish automobiles.

Dried herbs

People tend to keep dried herbs when they really shouldn't. It's not a matter of food safety so much as of quality.

Baking powder

Over time, baking powder and baking soda lose their leavening ability, leading to a flat cake. 

Organic peanut butter 

Unlike conventional peanut butter, organic varieties cannot be stored at room temperature because the oils will get rancid.


When left out of the fridge, open condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise quickly spoil. 


Whole grains like quinoa, which are high in fat, tend to last longer in the pantry. 

Canned vegetables

The idea that vegetables stored in a can would keep forever is widespread. 

Brown sugar

Brown sugar, once opened, has a short shelf life of around four months before it becomes dry and hard.


Keep garlic in a cold, dark place for three to five months for optimal freshness. 

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